Fill Your Home with Holiday Ambiance

Fill Your Home with Holiday Ambiance

Dec 15th 2016

The holidays are about getting together with family and friends - from planned dinner parties to spontaneous drop-ins for a drink. You want to make sure your home is always warm and welcoming throughout the season. Here are some easy decorating tips that will help create the perfect holiday ambiance.

Use warm colors

Deep reds and greens and golds are perfect because they reflect the colors of the holidays. You can use metallic colors to add a sparkle in the room. Warm colors are a great way to make your home feel warm and inviting during the holidays.

Layer Blankets

Layering blankets throughout your home is not only a great way to make your chairs and couches more comfortable, but can make your home warm and cozy.Pick a blanket that uses the warm colors we mentioned above and which compliment your furniture and add them as accents throughout your home.

Use Scented Candles

Place scented candles throughout your home. Burn different holiday scents to create a customized smell. Use the candles as decoration along the mantle above your fireplace if you have one, or as the centerpiece on the dinner table or decoration on the end table.

Use Bowls of Candy or Decorations

Place bowls of holiday candies such as peppermints or dark chocolates to accent a table. If you don’t want to place candy out, you can use other decorations such as silver beads or ornaments.

Hang Ribbon

Hang ribbon or twine between windows or on railings to add accent detail to the room. You can also attach holiday cards or photos for a more sentimental touch.

No matter what you choose, there are endless ways to add a personal touch and holiday ambiance to your home. Check out our great selection of home decor items. We’ve got some great deals on decorations that are perfect for the holidays. We offer free shipping on all U.S. orders.