Best Winter Coat Styles for Plus-Size Women

Best Winter Coat Styles for Plus-Size Women

Jan 4th 2017

Winter is here! It is time for you to get your winter coat, if you haven’t already. Have you started looking, but aren’t sure which style winter coat to get? Here are some great styles that are perfect for plus-size women!

Swing Coats

These create an A-line silhouette that slims the body. It is perfect for those ladies who want to cover their hips and thighs. Swing coats are great to quickly throw on before running errands or a sleek look to wear on a night out in town.

Bell-shape Coats

Look for coats that have a full, bell-shaped design to them. This design helps create an hourglass figure. Also look for luxurious details like gold-tone buttons or voluminous fold on the rear of the jacket to make it look high end. This type of coat can come in an assortment of styles, but for the best look go for the general bell-shape design.

Belted Coats

Coats with belts at the waist are perfect for cinching the body to make it look narrower. If you have a coat that doesn’t have belt with it, don’t be afraid to find a complimentary-colored sash or leather belt to cinch in your waist over the coat. The added belt provides a little detail and shape to the coat as well.

Long Coats

Longer coats help hide the hips and thighs. Not to mention, longer coats also keep more of you warm. Look for dark slimming colors such as black or a dark navy. Long car coats can also give a touch of luxury and sleekness to your wardrobe.

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