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Home & Garden

You move through your home with pride. On the walls, a painting of a San Francisco street scene hangs next to a print of a Capitola sunset, both by Thomas Kincaide, the painter of light. On the beds, the clean classic look of soft sheets from the Concierge Collection—though you were tempted by Cozelle’s 12-piece microfiber sheet set—while Turkish cotton towels grace the bathrooms. Through most of the house, you let the Techko Maid robotic vacuum mop, sweep and vacuum for you. In a few key places, it takes just seconds to make everything sparkle using the Instamop. The place gleams.

You made a good decision to buy a Renu-it Home Battery Regenerator to recharge batteries, cells phones, even your tablet. Now everything hums and everyone’s happy.

In the kitchen the sleek, sophisticated paper towel dispenser from Innovia sits beside the Sunbeam mixer. Above them hang an array of nonstick pans from Cooks Companion.

Dinner is already cooking in the slow cooker (it was a tough choice between the Hamilton and the Hot Logic). That means you can use your GoChef 8-in-1 Cooker (roast, sauté, boil, fry, fondue, slow cook, bake and steam) for some extra vegetables. For dessert you count on the Healthy Boss—a multi-use blender that unclutters your countertop while making everything from cake batters to cocktails. You’re making cookies—and Martha Stewart Crafts will help you decorate them.

Waterford crystal glasses put the final touch on the dinner table, while any leftovers stay fresh in your unique Debbie Meyer green boxes for food storage.

Best of all, you bought everything for far less than retail. How satisfying.

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