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Spring Fashion Guide for Curvy Women

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There are a number of unique Spring fashion trends for curvy women, including straight legged jeans, cropped pants, and one shoulder tops. We have put together some tips on how to rock these new looks. Here is everything you need to know about these new trends and how they can work for your body shape. 

Straight legged jeans are taking the place of skinny jeans. If you have fuller hips and thighs, this is great news! This cut of jeans is so flattering because it balances the hips and thighs making your body look leaner compared to skinny jeans that may hug your body in the wrong places. While you are shopping for jeans, go for the darker wash. Light colored jeans emphasize your body while a darker wash is very slimming.

Cropped pants are making a comeback. While you may be hesitant on re-introducing this trend into your wardrobe, you may find them extremely flattering for your body. Try to find a pair of these pants that land right below your knee. You will look your best in these pants because they land at the smallest part of your leg giving them a slimming look. Pull the culottes up to your waist, or purchase a high-waisted pair. This will be extremely flattering because you are pulling in everything around your waist.

Additionally, one shoulder tops are in. These tops allow you to show some skin but not too much! Did you know that sleeve length can flatter your body shape in different ways? Sleeveless or one sleeve tops are actually more flattering than a cap or short sleeve top. Short and cap sleeves often land at the widest part of your arms making them look larger than they actually are. Believe it or not, a sleeveless top typically makes your arms look longer and leaner because there is no sleeve to draw attention to the larger areas of your arms.

Lastly, stripes are still in! Use the illusion of stripes to your advantage for a slimming look. Combine striped culottes or an off the shoulder top and you will look great! Also, get yourself a pair of skeleton framed sunglasses. These sunglasses work well with many different face shapes. So give this trend a try!

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