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Regular | Petite | Plus Size Vests For Women

Jump on the vest bandwagon and enjoy that rare instance where the hot new style is also a practical, comfortable addition to your wardrobe. Vests can keep you warm—and are as acceptable inside as out. Grab a quilted vest from Curations for a casual woodsy look, or a dramatic draped faux fur vest from Falchi that broadcasts all out glamor (Try a fur vest with a pair of jeans. It’s a bold statement that will wow the crowd.) Can’t decide? Denim & Co have a host of plus size vest options that combine quilting and fur. When you add a sharp looking vest to a relaxed look, casual never means frumpy. A faux suede vest from Donna Sayles is a super chic staple. A denim vest from OSO Casuals or One World keeps it easy. The Liz Claiborne safari vest sports pockets and zippers for textural interest. Megan Fabulous has a fringe vest that combines two of this season’s hottest trends in one, yes, fabulous, piece. Pick out a couple of plus size vests and get right on the front edge of todays’ fashion. At Phoenix Trading Company’s great prices, you can afford to splurge.

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