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Regular - Petite - Plus Size Women's Apparel

Outfits are easy. Someone else has done all the work, deciding whether the blue print and the blue stripe are too much together. Whether the floral blouse looks good peeking out from under the asymmetrical top. Whether those pants are better with a cropped jacket or a long jacket. So at Phoenix Trading Company we stock lots of outfits. Fun casual outfits from Denim & Co—that don’t have a drop of denim in them. Knit jersey tunic outfits from Attitudes by Renee. Two- and three-piece outfits from Antthony (skirt or pants, top and jacket, all of which mix and match). Sequined outfits from Bob Mackie and velour outfits from Joan Boyce. Palazzo pants and tunic tops from Slinky Brand and dresses with jackets from WD.NY. All in convenient plus sizes. With an outfit you always look polished. Just grab it and go. Actually, at Phoenix Trading Company prices, grab several.


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