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Regular - Petite - Plus Size Leggings & Yoga Pants

Leggings are the universal go-to wardrobe staple. Pull them on in the morning. Drive the car pool. Go to the grocery. Take a yoga class. Meet a friend for lunch. Visit a client. Hop a plane. Cook dinner. Go dancing. Today, there is hardly an occasion when a great pair of leggings isn’t an appropriate, affordable, comfortable, stylish—and easy—choice. Of course, our plus size leggings come in a wide range of styles. Caresse leggings look like jeans and are lined in fleece. Yum! Legacy leggings even come with a skirt attached. Isaac Mizrahi Live! leggings come in charcoal knit with a faux button that makes them workwear; Kate & Mallory’s two-pocket khaki leggings offer the same sleight of hand. It’s the comfort of leggings while looking totally professional. Carson Kressley stretch knit leggings have tuxedo-pant stripes—just right for a night on the town, unless you prefer Glitterscape’s rhinestone cuff leggings. Whatever you choose, day and night, your plus-size leggings combine comfort and style. That’s pretty perfect.


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