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Regular - Petite - Plus Size Women's Hosiery & Socks

Sometimes a pair of socks is just about staying warm or not getting a blister. But sometimes it’s about spicing up your toes, complementing your shoes, or jazzing up a bland outfit. Either way, you can find the plus-size hosiery and socks you need for a great price at Phoenix Trading Company. Legacy Legwear has trouser socks (that’s about looking professional) with a bonus gift bag. Copper Fit has thick, bouncy socks that will make feel like you’re working out on a cloud, whether you’ve chosen ankle socks or calf high socks, white socks or black socks. Want something sparkier? Curations no-show socks range in color from standard white and black to neon pink—they’ll give you a secret zip only you know about. When you want your toes to be free, but still need the polish of a pair of stockings, we have footless tights from Joan Boyce and footless hosiery from Legacy. All in the plus sizes that fit comfortably and look great. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


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